CBD Creams, Balms, and Rubs – What Works Best?

So you’ve decided to try a CBD topical. You’ve heard how CBD has been a game changer for many people looking for a natural way to relieve muscles or promote sleep and you’re ready to try it for yourself. The next step is to select which product to use – there are many to choose from. First, you need to narrow your search to quality products from reputable brands. Once you have filtered out the “sketchier” products, you can then focus on finding a product that fits your activities and lifestyle.

Topicals come in several shapes an sizes, so chances are there is something out there that will be a good fit for your needs. Some of the biggest differences between topicals are the concentration of CBD, the other non-CBD ingredients, and the way the topical is applied.

Creams and Lotions

CBD hand lotion

Creams are one of the most common ways to deliver CBD. Creams make it easy to apply a lot of the topical, but it is also easy to use up an entire bottle relatively quickly. This is a potential drawback for expensive products with concentrated CBD. Another consideration for creams is that they can be a bit messier than other options simply because you need to rub them onto your hands before applying. Overall, creams are a decent option as long as the cream base is quick drying and non-greasy.


roll-on container

Roll-on products are an increasingly popular type of topical applicator, especially among essential oil enthusiasts and DIYers. These containers make possible to whip up your own CBD topical and take it on the go. On the plus side, these containers are usually reusable. A few professional products also use roll-ons, but it is less common. Roll-on balls work best with light oils and alcohol-based products, which can sometimes cause skin dryness, so be sure to test a small amount of the product first. Another notable feature for some roll-ons is a metal roller ball. This makes it durable for reuse, but metal can also get very hot or very cold so appropriate storage is important.


CBD balm tin

Balms usually come as a waxy substance in a small tin or jar. They have a rustic, natural feel – people have been dipping fingers into balm containers for a centuries. Some consider balm tins less hygienic that other container types, but as long as you use clean hands and don’t share too much, these can be a good option for CBD.

Rub-on Flow-controlled Stick

Mighty Mint CBD Rub-on

Rub-on applicators are a unique CBD option. This is still an up and coming technology, but the approach is arguably the most efficient way to apply a topical. These products have a flow-controlled tip that lets you easily apply as much or as little CBD as you want. They leave you with clean hands and a smooth, even coat of CBD on your skin.

Take Home

Each category of CBD topical has advantages and disadvantages. At Mighty Mint CBD, we reviewed the options for container types and ingredients and put together what we believe is one of the best CBD topicals available.

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