Does CBD Muscle Rub Work?

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In case you missed it, there is a lot of buzz right now around the many ways to use CBD. One of the most interesting applications for CBD is topical rub for joints and muscles. The obvious advantage of topicals is that you don’t need to ingest these products. This can be particularly comforting if you are concerned about oral or inhaled CBD. At the same time, it is normal to be a bit skeptical about the topical application method, at least a first. So, do topical CBD muscle rubs really work?

In short, yes! Topical CBD provides clear benefits for thousands who use it. Most people get results once they find the right product and dial in the quantity that works best for their body. The evidence for topical CBD is strong and there is a growing number of people who rely on these products for workouts, sleep, and more. 

Scientific Publications

Much of the evidence supporting CBD muscle rub effectiveness is from testimonials of the many people who have used it successfully. However, there is also a growing number of rigorous scientific studies looking into this. lists 6 papers with the topic “CBD topical” from 2019 and 7 more published in just the first half of 2020. It’s safe to say that this is an area of real scientific and health interest. 

Topicals Work Differently from Ingested CBD Oil 

Ingested CBD, typically in the form of oil or gummy edibles, is a quick way to get CBD into your bloodstream. The CBD and any other ingredients in the ingested product are quickly absorbed and spread throughout your entire body – to your muscles, nerves, brain, and other organs. 

Topical CBD is somewhat different. It works in a bit more of a targeted way. The effect of topical CBD is strongest specifically in the area it is applied. Your skin acts as a natural filter to control how fast your body absorbs the CBD. The relief is still fast because the topical is applied right at the desired location, but the difference is that the amount of CBD in your bloodstream is lower and other areas of the body are less affected. Topicals essentially make it easier to control the effects of CBD.    

Thousands of Success Stories

Perhaps the best confirmation that CBD muscle rub works comes from people who have tried it. It doesn’t take much searching to find success stories from people who are amazed by how well topical CBD works for them. From professional athletes to your friends and family, someone you know can likely share about how they benefit from a CBD rub. 

CBD Muscle Rub is Especially Useful for Workouts

One of the most common uses for CBD topicals is workout preparation and recovery. Finding the right pre and post workout routines can be critical to get maximum benefit from exercise. A good muscle rub can help you make it through a tough workout and help you feel 100% the next day. Paired with appropriate nutrition and rest, a good topical CBD rub can be a powerful tool to help you feel ready to jump back into physical activity day after day. 

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